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Graeme's "Down Under" A-M B-Well Inc Omega-3 Fish Oil Offers:

  • Ultra-refined, molecularly distilled fish oil from ocean fish like anchovies, mackerel and sardines

  • Exclusive 6-step manufacturing process for extracting and refining Omega-3s making it virtually contamination-freeof PCB’s, heavy metals, dioxins and furans

A-M B-Well™ Omega-3 PGFO Capsules

90-1 gram capsules

Each 1,000 mg. capsule contains a minimum of *400 mg. of EPA and *200 mg. of DHA (both as triglyceride, TG).

*AUD $86.00
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NPN NUMBER : 80002607
*AUD $484.00
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All prices are in Australian (AUD) Dollars

A-M B-Well™ Omega-3 Liquid Gold

125 ml bottle/4 oz bottle

Each 5 ml./1 tsp contains 5,000 mg./5 tsp of fish oil (2000mg EPA, 1000mg DHA) (both as triglyceride, TG).

*AUD $86.00
Select # of bottle(s)
NPN NUMBER : 80013016
*AUD $484.00
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All prices are in Australian (AUD) Dollars

*Price based on Case Club Membership of 12 bottles - Actual Retail price AUD$35.00 per bottle
**Natural Product Number issued by Natural Health Directorate of Canada (NHPD)

Why A-M B-Well™ Fish Oil?

When buying fish oil, it is imperative that you read labels, check third party certifications and compare gram for gram the type of Omega-3 that is actually in each capsule. Look at the type of fish that is used and ensure that it is small cold water fish that has fed off plankton. Most importantly, check the ratio of EPA and DHA and ensure that it is a 40:20 TG ratio.
  • A-M B-WELL OMEGA-3 comes with a Natural Product Number issued by the Natural Health Directorate of Canada. It has also been verified by the United States Pharmacopeia

  • Pharmaceutical grade fish oil confirmed with Lot Number and official IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards) consumer reports.


  • The best diet is one that is rich in fish, preferably small in size, at the bottom of the food chain. This will help prevent contamination from mercury, PCB's and other toxins in medium to large fish.

  • The minimum daily requirement of Omega-3s as recommended by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ("FAO") is 1.5% of daily caloric needs. For example, if you consume 1,800 kcal per day of food, you should ingest at least 3 grams of Omega-3s. This amount is hard to reach because foods rich in these fats are not very attractive, and not everyone wants or can eat fish every day. If you cannot reach the recommended daily amount of Omega-3s from food, it then becomes crucial to choose an Omega-3 supplement.

  • According to clinical studies, the fatty acids EPA and DHA provide numerous health benefits. EPA may help to prevent or alleviate diseases resulting from chronic inflammation that lead to heart disease, stroke, arthritis and obesity. DHA is important for the brain, eyes and also the heart and is very important in an infant and child’s development.

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DownUnder Shipping Policy

Question: How long does it take for me to receive my order?

Answer: Shipments within New Zealand are sent by New Zealand Post and are delivered within 1-2 business days once the order has been processed. Shipments to Australia are sent by New Zealand Post International Air and are delivered within 10-14 business days once the order has been processed. Please allow 2 business days for your order to be processed and your credit card charged (excluding weekends) over and above actual shipping business days.

Question: I need my order to be shipped immediately as I am going on vacation and I live in Australia. Can you please help me?

Answer: Yes, please contact for a quote for sending your shipment via courier.

Occasionally Australian Customs randomly inspects an order and this can cause a delay of another 14 business days. These are delays that are totally out of A-M B-Well's control. Notification that the package is at Customs is deemed to be receipt by the customer that the package has been delivered.

Question: I still have not received my order and the 14 business days have passed since my order was shipped, so it must be lost in the mail. Please refund my credit card because I have not received my order.

Answer: New Zealand Post and most courier companies require A-M B-Well Inc. to wait 3 weeks before we can file an insurance claim with them. Please note that A-M B-Well Inc. will replace your order or refund your credit card once the insurance claim has been paid to A-M B-Well Inc. by the courier company that we used, and ONLY if the investigation determines that said courier company was responsible.

A-M B-Well Inc. does not want our customers to be without their fish oil for too long. While the “lost” shipment is under investigation by the courier company, we will send a REPLACEMENT fish order on the strict understanding that if the initial order is delivered to the customer, that his or her credit card will be charged for the REPLACEMENT order.

If the fish oil is returned to the sender and New Zealand International Air and/or the courier company accepts responsibility for the error, A-M B-Well inc. will totally refund the customer’s credit card for the initial order.

Question: I rely on the fish oil for my health and I cannot afford to order a whole case (12 bottles) as a REPLACEMENT order. What can you do to help me?

Answer: If your fish oil has been lost in the mail for more than 2 weeks, you can place an “emergency” order of 2 to 5 bottles and A-M B-Well inc. will ship it freight-free. Please put “emergency shipment” in Comments and the freight cost will be manually deducted from your order.

Question: I accidentally made a typo in my address when I placed my order. Could you please ship it out again to the correct address?

Answer: Yes, A-M B-Well inc. will re-ship your order once it is returned by New Zealand International Air and/or the courier company to the sender. The customer will be responsible for paying the additional shipping cost, plus a handling fee. These costs will be determined at the time of re-shipping the order as shipping costs are determined by the weight of the order.

Question: I made a mistake in the "Ship-to" address when placing my order. I don't want to pay the additional shipping charge and handling fee again so could you please cancel my order and refund the complete amount back on my credit card?

Answer: Yes, A-M B-Well inc. will refund your credit card as follows: You will be refunded the total amount of the order in CAD Dollars, minus the shipping charge. You will also be charged a restocking charge of CAD$50.00. This restocking charge covers warehousing fees, handling fees, administration, return postage fees and credit card fees.

Question: I received a defective bottle or bottles of A-M B-Well Omega-3 PGFO capsules and/or Omega-3 Liquid Gold. Can you please replace the defective bottle or bottles?

Answer: If you receive a defective bottle or bottles of A-M B-Well Omega-3 PGFO capsules or Omega-3 Liquid Gold that is not up to our standard of excellence, you MUST return the FULL defective bottle or bottles to the sender, at your own shipping expense, and you will receive a replacement on your next order.

Question: I just purchased 8 bottles of A-M B-Well Omega-3 Liquid and I do not like the taste. Can I return the unopened bottles of Omega-3 Liquid Gold and pay for the return shipping and receive a credit on my credit card for the unopened bottles?

Answer: Unfortunately A-M B-Well inc. cannot give you a refund for any unopened bottles of Omega-3 Liquid Gold due to health and safety reasons. Please ensure that you have trialed a small amount of Omega-3 Liquid Gold before ordering a large quantity. However, if any of the bottles of Omega-3 Liquid Gold are defective, our standard shipping paragraph in this "Down Under" Shipping Policy will apply.

This same refund policy also applies to our Omega-3 PGFO capsules. There will be no refunds or returns whatsoever because of health and safety reasons unless the capsules are defective. Once A-M B-Well Inc. has sold its natural health supplements, it cannot resell them.

Question: Can I have my order delivered to my business address, as there is nobody at home during the day to accept my delivery?

Answer: Yes , A-M B-Well inc. can ship your order to your business address. Please include your name and your Company's name and advise the receptionist that a shipment will be coming in your name. However, if your order is refused by your Company and returned to the sender, the customer will be responsible for paying any return shipping costs, the additional shipping costs to reship the order, plus a handling fee. These costs will be determined at the time of re-shipping the order depending on the weight of the order.

Charge backs are not welcome, and all disputes can normally be resolved by contacting Customer Service at In the case that a charge back is raised by you in connection with your order, you may be banned from reordering from A-M B-Well Inc. and any and all affiliated sites. If the charge back was made in error by you, your credit card will be re-charged the full amount of the original purchase price plus a CAD$50.00 administration fee so that A-M B-Well Inc. can recover the chargeback fee, service charges and any all and other related costs.

Note: All enquiries should be directed to Graeme George, Australian and New Zealand Sales Agent at listed on the"Down Under" Shopping Carts.

A-M B-Well Inc. is a Canadian company and proud of it!

Your purchase is governed by Canadian laws. Health Canada has some of the strictest regulations in the World! A-M B-Well Omega-3 PGFO capsules and Omega-3 Liquid Gold are both Canadian Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil ("PGFO") products of Canada. Both products have their own unique Natural Product Health Number ("NPHN") which have been issued by the Natural Health Products Directorate. Further, all our batches of fish oil are independently tested by International Fish Oil Standards ("IFOS") and receive a 5-star rating!